crustier, crustiest
1) ADJ-GRADED: usu ADJ n Crusty bread has a hard, crisp outside.

...crusty French loaves.

2) ADJ-GRADED: usu ADJ n If you describe someone, especially an old man, as crusty, you mean they are impatient and easily irritated.

...a crusty old colonel.


English dictionary. 2008.

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  • crusty — [adj1] irritable, often due to old age abrupt, bluff, blunt, brief, brusque, cantankerous, captious, choleric, crabbed, crabby*, cranky, cross, curt, dour, gruff, harsh, illhumored, irascible, peevish, prickly, sarcastic, saturnine, scornful,… …   New thesaurus

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